Requesting an Extension While You Are in Israel (ELAL only)


Please use this form to request an extension or change for your return flight home.  Please be aware that this form is ONLY for participants flying with ELAL.  If you are flying with any other airline, please click here and find the AFTER DEPARTURE instructions for your airline.

  • It is highly recommended to submit the below form at least 3 days before your scheduled departure.
  • There will be a fee to make any change to your ticket (even if you already paid for and received a previous extension).  It is generally $90.  However, due to the high demand for Israel travel, for Fall/Winter 2022/3 the cost to extend may be significantly higher than in the past – in the vicinity of USD 590.00 and higher.  Of course, we will do everything possible to obtain the lowest available fare as per your request, starting from USD 90.00. However, please understand that this may not be available during high demand travel dates.
  • Once you submit, we will contact you either via email.  Please be sure to check your spam/junk mail folder as well.