Extend your stay in Israel with Gil Travel


Use this site to request an extension of your time in Israel, or change of airport (for return flight only)

If you only want to CANCEL your return flight, please click cancel below or click other non-extension matters for anything else

Step 1 Carefully read the Terms & Conditions

Step 2  Review the Frequently Asked Questions

Step 3  Proceed to the application form

Step 4  After submitting your form, you will be redirected to the payment form to enter your credit card

Due to the nature and volume of the extension process, phone support is not available and voicemails will not be returned.  You may change your return flight ONLY. Changes to the below are NOT permitted with Birthright tickets:
  • Seat or class upgrades
  • Change of airline
  • Changes to departing flights from North America (the start of your trip)