How do I cancel the domestic flight if I AM returning back with my group?

If you want to cancel the domestic segment of your return flight, you need to submit the “Extension Request Form” even if you are not extending and are returning with the group. In the process, you will be asked to select a date for Extension Date Choices. Although you are not extending, it does require you to fill this part in so please just write the next date after your group leaves Israel. What you enter into Comments is the most important part. Under “Additional Comments” please write: I would like to return with the group, but I would like to CANCEL MY RETURN DOMESTIC FLIGHT FROM XXX to XXX.

Finish filling out the rest of the form and once we process the cancellation, we will email you. It is a minimum of $90 to cancel the flight (subject to the airline’s approval), however if the cost will exceed $90 we will contact you via email before we process the request. Please note that you will be required to pre-authorize your credit card for the amount indicated under the terms and conditions for an extension on your particular airline, but you will not be charged more than $90 without your prior authorization.